Discover Serenity: Rockpools at Zebras Crossing

Nestled within the picturesque landscapes of the Waterberg region lies a hidden gem awaiting exploration – the rockpools at Zebras Crossing. As you embark on the journey towards the back of our tranquil terrain, you’ll find yourself engulfed in the breathtaking beauty of the South African wilderness. The drive itself is already a beautiful experience, offering glimpses of many species of animals and plants. 

Upon reaching the river, a short but delightful walk awaits, guiding you to nature’s masterpiece – the rockpools and waterfalls. We will take you to the best spots for a refreshing drink and snack, before taking a dive in our natural pools.

Dipping into the fresh, crystal-clear waters of these secluded rockpools is an experience like no other. Here, amidst the untouched beauty of nature, you can enjoy a refreshing swim in complete privacy. With no crowds to disrupt the serenity.

Whether you’re seeking adventure or simply craving a peaceful place to spend the afternoon, we would love to take you to the rockpools.

Interested in seeing this for yourself? Contact us to seek out our availability via or call +27 87 056 9937

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