Welcoming Our Newest Addition: A Baby Giraffe!

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of a new member to our Zebras Crossing family – a beautiful baby giraffe! The birth of this giraffe is a momentous occasion for us, and we are delighted to share this joy with our guests.

Giraffes are truly fascinating creatures, and there are many interesting facts about newborn baby giraffes that highlight their uniqueness. At birth, giraffe calves are already quite tall, measuring almost 2 meters in height and weighing around 50 kg. This size advantage helps them reach their mother’s milk and keep up with the herd. Despite their height, these calves are incredibly vulnerable, relying on their mothers for protection and guidance. Within just a few hours of being born, a calf can stand and even start to walk.

Another intriguing fact is that giraffes give birth standing up. This means the newborn experiences a rather dramatic entrance into the world, dropping from a height of about 1,5 meters. This fall helps stimulate the calf’s breathing and breaks the umbilical cord. Within a week, the calf starts nibbling on leaves, although it will continue to nurse from its mother for several months.

Our new giraffe calf is a perfect representation of the wonders of nature and the vibrant wildlife. Zebras Crossing strives to protect and nurture. Watching this young giraffe explore its surroundings and interact with its mother is a delightful experience. We invite all our guests to enjoy.

We encourage everyone to visit our lodge and go on a nature drive to witness our newest arrival. This is a unique opportunity to observe the early stages of a giraffe’s life. You can learn more about these majestic animals in their natural habitat. Come join us and be part of this incredible journey at Zebras Crossing!

We can’t wait to see you here!

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